I want to develop a program like this....

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Please forgive me as i am totally inexperienced in everything besides basic html.

I am a virtual assistant. I have built a website hosted by yahoo. I would like to integrate an online software program, in which I can input clients and manage tasks, time logging, calendars, projects, file sharing, ect.

I would like this software to function like this:

I also want my clients to be able to acess this same software from my website so they can view statuses and add to the calendar.

How do i go about doing this? Im not sure what i need to do or what language i have to use or anything.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Welcome to TWF! Laugh

You should search for "project management" applications

there are many choices, many are hosted for you, many are free

also have a look at this thread

Freshbooks has been recommended in that thread

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I have been looking into this recently and found CiviCRM and vTiger both excellent options.

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If you know PHP, you can easily create something like that.

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