Have Google Change PR Algorithum

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my problem is I have a my client site http://www.sava.in on which I was link building from last 2 months and I use all the technique to get one way link even I also take Dmoz listing for my site but I am completely shocked that google did not increase my site's PR, anybody know that what could be the reason or google has change his PR alog.

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I haven't heard of a toolbar PR update over the past few months, but perhaps I missed it?

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dear tell me with detail what tips you use for page rank in my opinion dear brother page rank is not a complicated because if you work regularly google give rank automatically to your sites if your site have quality.

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I thinks this guy mixes up between PR & the rank of site in the result of search.

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The toolbar update is supposed to be once per quarter so we should be about 1 month away from the next change. The toolbar will fail to work from time to time as well. I have found that closing and re-opening your browser usually fixes the problem.

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I believe that - because of the number of sites out there and the effort other people put into link building, including all the automated link building software out there - that you need more and more backlinks just to stand still with page rank.

I've seen a couple of our sites where I haven't built many backlinks recently fall from a pr1 to a pr0.

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The are so impredictible, that you even don't know what measures to take. Just keep creating links.

Good luck.

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I'm really not sure why Google created the PR in the first place, not that it affects where one's site appears on the SERP. To be honest, the only people who care about PR are those who sell links and articles on their sites. So, for the rest of us it is totally not worth losing sleep over.

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PageRank is Google's way of deciding a page's importance. It matters because it is one of the factors that determines a page's ranking in the search results. It isn't the only factor that Google uses to rank pages, but it is an important one.

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wll, Google update each website and keep record as it see how the website is more prominant, and how much it pr is...it count all aspects ....

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well, you are doing it from two months,, you will need little patiance,, because Google will need to update it cache,,,and one thing more that you have to use good resources for good PR..

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Google change its algorithem after some time, and give pr to every OF your HTML page accroding to your traffic, and your backlinks, depend on how much work you have done on your website.

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Do link building my friend your PR will increase, but quality link building...

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you must have to focus on good resources,, they will really do great, ,,, because Google always like count that how much you back link is strong..

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