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HI Webmasters this is chlose have a problem in caching of my site..

Actually i have shopping portal which is not cached by google as i have 5 categories in which 1 category regularly cached by google but home page & other categories are not cached from last 20 days.but my home page content is cached of 30 dec but home page caching date is 11 dec....

please suggest me that what is more thing that there is a fluctuation in caching date as yesterday i checked the caching of one category it shows 16 dec but today it shows 12 dec.

please let me know the reason behind this caching fluctuation.....

Thanks in advance


waiting for your reply...

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It's difficult to say without seeing the site proper, share the link please Smiling

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i need to know the crawling algo..

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When Google crawler visits your website it captures a snapshot of your page which is called caching. Google adds this cached page into its index which is termed as indexing.

Google crawling is important for web page indexing because it display only indexed pages in the search results.

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I afraid there is no format of Google crawling. What normally we do is keep submitting our URL to search engine, share our URL at social networking sites and so forth. Share the page that you wish to be crawled and Google will crawl it manually.

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Well, crawling has to play an important role in the ranking of your website in search engines. Each time they crawl your site, they store the information that they find in a cache. A cache is like a huge storage bin where information is kept.

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Google crawling is an algorithm which Google use for check new content and put on this new content in his database, it's also called cached. Google crawling time is different. Every website ranking depend on this crawling contents.

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You can create a sitemap and submit it to Google webmaster tool in order to crawl your website. Update your website with some unique content and bookmark your webpage to popular social bookmarking site.

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Yes, do you have a sitemap? A sitemap will show Google what are the pages of your site that should be index.

You can also build backlinks to those pages not yet indexed. Several links pointing to those pages will ensure that Google will crawl those pages.

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