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How do you make a form so that you can see it from another file

then read the form

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How do you mean to "read from it"? If you mean have "readexampleform.php" be able to know what you entered on "exampleform.php", then you can just set the action of the form to be "readexampleform.php", to which all the fields will either be in the $_POST or $_GET variable depending on which method you use (usually you will want POST).

If however you have "exampleform.php" processing the form, and then need "readexampleform.php" to have access to it, then you have a few options based on your needs.

1. Save the values to the session
2. Save the values to a database
3. Save the values to a text file
4. If simple enough info, save it to a cookie on the users system.


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An HTML form is a section of a document containing normal content, markup, special elements called controls (checkboxes, radio buttons, menus, etc.)

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