Drupal for classafied ads.

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My dad is always giving me old fruit and vegetables from his allotment, I hate the things and, being a student, live on nothing but junk food. It does however make me wonder if I can set up a website were allotment owners and back garden farmers can sell or trade their surplus produce.

I would like to use free software like Drupal or Joomla to make this website but I'm hesitant to look too much into it until I know weather or not the software is capable of it. Is there anyway I can use Drupal or Joomla (or anything similar) to create a classified ads website similar to gumtree.org?

Thanks, Chris.

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your link for gumtree does not work

Drupal indeed has a classified ads module http://drupal.org/project/ed_classified, approved for D5 but a D6 release exists and - guess what - they are looking for a maintainer if you would like to help out.

I have never tried this module.

There are other scenarios you can use to set up a "trading" community with Drupal.

You could also check script repositories like http://sourceforge.net/ and http://hotscripts.com (you might find a turn-key solution you can use)

IMO Joomla is Drupal's evil cousin Evil

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Mmm I don't know if I'd be the best candidate to maintain the module but I'd certainly pitch in if it does what I need. A free ads system is what it offers and that's what I'm trying to set up here.

Thanks for the reply decibel.places.

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Hi don't worry i will suggest you to go for Drupal instead of Joomla and Drupal is very user friendly software and u no need to maintain it and i just got a drupal Module which can be used for making a drupal site in a classified site, its a drupal classified ad module you can easily add it to ur drupal CMS and use it as a classified ad site you just go to Drupal official site and search for it.you will get this module there freely.

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articlemaster wrote:
no need to maintain it
That's not really true.
Some level of maintenance is required with most software like that. Even if only updates.

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Chris McD was referring to the module I linked to that is looking for a module maintainer - you know, fix issues and develop it into an approved D6 version and then D7, all that fun stuff...

I think articlemaster was saying the module they used has a maintainer. It would be nice if articlemaster can provide a link to the module's project page, although I suspect it may be the one I mentioned and articlemaster may not be familiar with the concept of "module maintainer."

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FYI, I'm the new maintainer for Drupal's Classified Ads Module (ed_classified). Presently getting a stable Drupal 6 port together, then onto progressing the module along a roadmap.



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i am working on classified ads, but one thing here, we cannot find maximum website which allow anchor text,,some of them are not that great,,,i am just within an experiment of them..

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