Does 301 Redirect Important When Changing the URL

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I want to implement my all Urls from my old domain to my new domain. But the problem is whenever i wanted to index my website into google webmaster tool it sends me a non indexing message. In that case do i need to implement 301 redirects from old domain to new domain for indexing my website?

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Yes 301 redirect is necessary if you are going to change URL because it really matters in terms of website promotions. if website links are broken then it might affect on search engine ranking and traffic.

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301 is important for old website url to redirect on new url. If you don't do so, you will loose your ranking for those pages that are dropped in search engine.

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Without a shadow of doubt you should 301 redirect your old page url's to their new destination. If you are a Wordpress site owner then this task becomes even easier. There are good quality free plugins available that will do the job for you.

Cammy White, Webmaster

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yes, Its a best practice for SEO(search engine optimization)

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