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Hello, I am here with a problem. I do organic optimization for different business. As we all know directory submission is a vital part of this campaign. Now I am working on a business site with this description: "We are providing appliance servicing and repairing services with warranty. Our technicians are well skilled and experienced. We are specialist famous as instant hot water unit, chilled, boiling water unit, and filtered water unit repairing service provider."
And the targeted keywords are: Plumber, Filtered Water Unit, Filters

But I am quite confused with the category in directories. Generally it must be "plumber". But I am not finding such category in directory sites. Can anybody help me with directory sites on this category?? Please share it if you have, I am desperately in need.


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The obvious answers are usually the best.

If you do a Google search for 'Plumbers' you'll find quite a few of the first page entries are directories.

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