can i sell my website/blog without traffic?

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iam new to everything related to buying/selling/running/building websites, so if my question seems a bit stupid , sorry but i would like to know if ic an sell my blog/website with no traffic coming in? its brand new.

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Anything with a potential buyer can get sold. However stating you are new to everything including building sites, really makes me wonder what you think you have that is worth buying?

Can you give the URL?


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Yes, i agree with Mr. Greg. It depends upon the power of the idea and the trend of the blog/website you are going to create. Also, you'll have to contact the relevant resource owners directly to sell it.

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I think we can sell everything, but my opinion about your case is that it is going to be a bit difficult to see the chance of it being sold, for me it sounds like taking a risk buying a website without traffic.But may be i'm wrong, may be there are people interested in that kind of business.

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If you are selling a site without traffic what you are really selling is just the name of the site.

If your site URL is,, or something like then the name itself has some value.

If your site URL is it's only of value if someone named joe smith wants to buy it.

If your site URL is it's not worth anything.

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If your site is good in design,the template then you can sell it without traffic.Traffic increases the chance for you to sell the site at a higher price.The domain name also matters in selling the site.

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If you can find a way to provide someone value then it is possible you can get the site sold. You might try finding publishers in the same niche and offer the site to them. Many people publish on the web and are looking for ways to quickly & easily expand. If your website provides that opportunity to someone who can make the investment, then it's a win/win.


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It depends, you can sell it for the design or the potential of the idea to create opportunities for more traffic or earning.

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You can sell to a buyer, depending on what the buyer wants, many people are interested in website feature

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