Analytics: Tracking Cloaked Links

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Hi guys
I'm using Google Analytics and Statcounter for my website.
Before when I had affiliate links on my website, I could see when they were clicked. But someone told me that having ugly, long affiliate links is bad for SEO and usability...

So I am now using cloaked links, or redirects, but I can no longer tell when links are being clicked. They don't show up in Statcounter.

Are there people on this forum with affiliate-related sites that are using cloaked links and can see when they're being clicked?

Please help - without tracking, my analytics are nearly meaningless.


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What exactly Statcounter tracks for your website?

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Statcounter tracks your site traffic, it shows you what is being clicked, how a visitor reached your website, etc. It's very valuable to know how a user found your content and what he clicked when he got there....

Maybe people in this forum have a different method?

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I've been using Statcounter for a long time. I like it most because it gives you exact reports and cut down your own visit to your own websites.

However I tried to figure out a lot for this because I had dynamic IP from ISP, so now I think I can use StatCounter without any problem and easily know who and when visitors came to my site and how long they stayed.

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OK - But what about tracking cloaked links? I still don't see an answer there...

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there are many, but statcounter is great,, which will show you each and every thing..

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