Why do some people like programming?

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Empowering: Being able to carry my concepts to lifestyle, and make the unexpected happens almost is awesome. One of the most exciting factors beginning on in programming is making the computer ask for, keep in mind, and replicate the customer's name back to them. This is only increased when you get into more complicated projects like render 3D designs, GUI programs, parsing and decoding information, and so on.

Challenging (in a good way): Computer programming provides challenges every day. Some difficulties are challenging and stressing, but many of them feel more like exciting questions. Preparing out how to fix complicated problems, iterating on those programs and seeing them come to lifestyle is exciting. Exploring and discovering the best remedy is also pleasant. It’s probably similar to people who appreciate doing math.


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I think of programing the same way an artist thinks of painting or a musician think of music,its not simply a means to an end or a job.but something inside of you that needs to be expressed.

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it is a challenge for some and also to me, because it allows me to make software to help people and make their tasks work faster and more efficient

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