Which Programming language is best Php or ASP .net?

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Which Programming language is best Php or ASP .net?

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Best for what? It depends on so many things.

Kinda like me come here asking "What is best? A BMW convertible or a Dodge Caravan?" and not saying what my needs are. What if I need to constantly transport my family of 6? Even though the BMW is awesome to drive, I'm not going to want to have to multiple trips to get everyone there in a 2 seater car.

Without knowing what your needs are, it is hard to say.

For a majority of things, both languages can accomplish what you want. Both can be properly programmed and run great and securely, and both can be programmed badly and be insecure.

Also, it can also depend on your background and what you already know and what you are used to.

I prefer PHP as I have been programming in it for 12 years. I have also programmed in ASP.Net, each have their pro's and cons. The biggest con for me that lead me to the PHP route was the access to LAMP servers versus access to IIS servers.

The plus side of going PHP route, I know there is at least one person here who is very experienced in it and can offer help.


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I am also don't code on ASP.net. I prefer PHP. And i am not only just look at the most popular websites Facebook, Wikipedia or millions of Wordpress and Joomla websites they are written on php.

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Hi, Through out my point of view PHP is the best programming language that widely used for web designing to crate dynamic website. PHP is open source server side scripting language that support all web browsers and also support all web designing platforms. Many web designer prefer to use PHP programming language for web development and web designing.

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Asp.net is not an Programming language , it provides environment to work with many Programming languages . And For Application Creation It Depends Whether PHP is best or Asp.net is best like
If Talking About Feature/Extendability then ASP.NET wins.
In area Frameworks ( then phh is win in Area )
Average Development Time PHP Projects are Developed in Less Time .
Cost is Also Low for PHP projects . Thanks


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I generally prefer PHP for coding the website.

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This is quite difficult to specify as to which language is the best because each language has its own positive and negative reasons to be used and to be avoided, depending on the application, similar is the case with ASP.Net and PHP. But now a days PHP is generally preferred for web applications as they are light weight so loads up easily and is open source too.

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both languages have different prospects php is light weight scripting language basically used for Website development but asp.net have large libraries.

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It depends on developer interest. I prefer PHP. The open source scripting language (PHP) which is easy to learn and less expense and widely supported one.

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Both are best. It depends uoon developer interest. I prefer PHP because it is easy to understand and open source.

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Both language has own their importance but i'm to choose, I prefer PHP because easy to understand and learn.

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Both language have their own significance and qualities.The role of online web development is an ever changing with always rising functionality of managing the websites so it depends upon the website requirement either it should be in PHP or ASP.NET

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Both language are good in different ways. like .net is not essay to understand and hard too work on that but that is more secure than PHP. But PHP is essay and fast for working. and one of the most demanding like .net projects are costly than PHP so that why PHP have more projects in market than .net .. many more things

So i like PHP more than .NET

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Based on my experiences, I would like to make some comments. In general, my opinion is that both PHP and ASP.NET are very powerful tools for developing websites, but with different advantages.

Some differences:

PHP is a programming language whereas ASP.NET is a programming framework. Websites developed by ASP.NET may use C#, but also other languages such as J#.

ASP.NET is compiled whereas PHP is interpreted. This means that ASP.NET websites generally have shorter execution times, but also that changing the website becomes more complicated as it needs to be re-compiled (whereas for PHP websites you can simply replace the new code). The decrease of execution time is, however, seldom noticable. This is because most of the page rendering times arises from setting up the connection and querying databases.

Visual Studio provides numerous "shortcuts" to facilitate programming in ASP.NET. Dealing with action events (e.g. user clicks), forms, databases etc. is relatively straightforward and tends to take less time compared to PHP where everything needs to be literally scripted. This increases the risk of security flaws such as SQL injection. Nevertheless, inexperienced programming is, to my opinion, equally harmful in both environments.

ASP.NET is designed for windows machines, whereas PHP is platform free (and typically runs on Linux servers). Besides the fact that Linux servers are well known for their stability and security, Windows is a licensed platform which implies that hosting an ASP.NET site will usually involve more costs.

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I also didn't code in As.net but have theoretical knowledge about how it works. So, I also prefer PHP as i am working in PHP. Also it is easy to understand and open source ,so i can easily find solutions of problems on internet.

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Hi there, PHP is open source server side scripting language that support all web browsers and also support all web designing platforms. Many web designer prefer to use PHP programming language for web development and web designing.

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My suggestion is PHP. because PHP is open source and also easily learning. Nowadays most of the developer used PHP.

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I preffer php over ASP.NET because Php is a lighte weight programming and .net contains huge libraries and it is slow, compared to php.

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Php and Asp both are good programming language. php is open source and asp is delivered by Microsoft technology. I would prefer asp because .net has so many options specially silverlight tool which makes the website more attractive.

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Both languages are best but I would suggest ASP.Net because Asp.net supports a huge FrameWork and it has many built components and has a grate editing features (VIsual Studio ) through which you can easily write Asp program without worrying about case sensitivity, ASP.NET is not limited to script languages, with the help of this you can make use of .NET languages like C#, J#, VB, etc. ASP.NET is a very precious tool for programmers and developers as it allows them to build dynamic, rich web sites and web applications using compiled languages like VB and C#.

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ASP vs PHP is a common question, and in my personal opinion I would choose PHP.

However, as others have stated, it really depends on what you are building.

PHP will run on both Linux and Windows servers, so that gives you more choice regarding server choice.

Sure, ASP can run on a Linux server, it is with great difficulty and not all aspects of .NET will work (if required).

This Stackoverflow post may help if thinking of running ASP on a Linux server: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1116175/running-asp-net-on-a-linux-ba...

I prefer PHP, but that is because I have no experience with ASP in respect of programming.

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Both Programming languages are good. When we are going for a large business perspective then Asp.net is best but for a small business PHP is best because it's an open source and free. Where Asp.net is required a huge platform and license.

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This is quite difficult to specify as to which language is the best PHP or asp.net? Because both languages has own their importance and each language has its own positive and negative reasons to be used and to be avoided.

In case of developing large application asp.net should be used & for small application development, PHP is the preferable option.

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I am a professional ASP.NET developer with over 5 years of IT experience working on a variety of industry projects. I have been engaged on a variety of web and software projects using technologies like AJAX, WPF, windows and web forms in ASP.Net, C#, .Net, VB.Net. In my personal experience, I must say ASP.NET is a better choice as compared to PHP.

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It depends on requirements, if you want to showcase a website then go for PHP and if your requirement involves account or business activities then go for ASP.NET

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