what are basic roles need for a web start-up?

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I am about to start-up for a web idea. since i am a tester, i need to hire coders.
And i figured out these are roles need to filled.
Please correct me if i am wrong.

1) Front end developer - HTML5, CSS3, Java script
2) Server side developer - PHP, ASP.NET
3) Back end developer - MYSQL

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Your Requirement is excellent. If you develop your website using opensource CMS means u build your website quickly. It's user friendly and more secure. Lot of PHP Opensource cms are available. In my opinion Drupal CMS is best for large kind of websites.

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im a beginner .so this site is very benifit for me............

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A few more roles are there to manage web startup they are
1. Marketers/digital marketers
2. Webmaster
3. System administrator

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