A website with blog and e-commerce

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What would you suggest if I were to have blog and e-commerce site under 1 domain? It might differetiate with sub-domain. Is that a good idea to develop the website by using 1 application (CMS)?

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Yes,I agree with your opinion.CMS is the best option.

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i also agree with his option.
The CMS Can speed up the development of web site and reduce the website the cost of development.

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Rightly said, CMS is the best choice to do this and ideally I would suggest you to go for wordpress. E- commerce plugin will help you to use it as E- commerce or shopping cart site.

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This is really contrar if the owner would like to have both in a domain. Having too many plugin may affect the hosting performance too.

In terms of SEO, as long as the products and the blog are related, that should be fine.

I wonder is Joomla suitable for blogging? Understand that Joomla has a very nice E-commerce plugin, Virtual Mart.

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The way I would set it up would depend on the overall project setup.

If you are having a site for a company (home page, about, support, contact, etc) and then also have a store and then also have a blog, I would do one of the following:

http://www.domain.com - Main site
http://blog.domian.com or http://www.domain.com/blog/ - A blog install such as Word Press
http://sotre.domain.com or http://www.domain.com/store/ - Ecommerce

If the Main site will not be much, just a couple of pages, then you could probably get away with an ecom script (or joomla with the plugin) as the main site, but if you will be doing a lot of blogging, definitely get the WP setup separately.

Another choice for ecom is Magento, I've only done basic playing with it, but have talked to people that have good size shops set up and love it.

A big thing to remember with any 3rd party scripts (joomla/WP/magento), make sure you keep it up to date with latest plugins. Especially WordPress, it is one of the most popular, so being widely used (as well as open), people find more exploits in it. As it is easy as one or two clicks to update, I say you should be doing it once a week.


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I suggest you Joomla CMS 1.7 whihc is the best way to display your content and manage the content on site ...

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