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I have an exisitng php script (open source), but am not up to scratch with the subject yet (will be taking a course on the subject in the near future).

I wish to simply add a checkbox to the script so that the result will be posted via email - the checkbox will be a very basic one:

Tick here to join mailing list

I've scoured the web and get one to work, but only to post results on screen using echo command.

Please help

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In order to help you, we would need to know what the current script is doing (is it already e-mailing someone else, and you just need to add a recipient, etc). Since it's open source, can you list which one it is?

Basically in a nutshell, assuming you are already collecting the needed information, add the checkbox:

<input type="checkbox" name="chkSubscribe" value="join" id="chkSubscribe">
<label for="chkSubscribe">Tick here to join mailing list</label>

Then in the PHP, do a check for that value being set:

if ($_POST['chkSubscribe']=='join') {
   // Code to e-mail you their info
   // (see for some samples)


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Code for simple HTML Script :->

Code for simple PHP Script :->

if ($_POST['chk_box']=='enter')
// Code which you want to execute.
Explanation here $_POST[] is an global variable, and $_POST['chk_box'] means it retrieve the value of check box on client side then check it at server side by value enter.
actually it $_POST[] create an array

Like array
$_POST['chk_box'] is equivalent to $_POST[index of array 0] = value i.e. enter

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