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Our clubhouse is starting to get so much use that we are having scheduling conflicts.

We would like to install a calendar/scheduling program on our site that would allow us to put events taking place at our club house on a calendar that our members could view on our Web site. Then if they wanted to schedule an event, they'd look on the calendar to see when the clubhouse is available. They submit a request to the administrator of the calendar and have their event added.

We would need for the site to reject requests that conflict with the existing schedule.

The calendar would need to be pleasing in appearance and fairly easy for the users to navigate.

I've been trying a bunch of them on one of my personal Web sites to see if I can find something that would do the job. Unfortunately, either they are extremely difficult to install and configure, they simple don't have the features that we need, or it is priced out of range.

If anyone can suggest such a program, I'd be most appreciative.



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Hi Fatkinson,

If you need organizer or CRM online tool, then there are two options:
Self hosted solution which is activeCollab.
Online service, they are really good of their low price and huge options of organizing and scheduling.

Hope this will help.

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