How to create web site in java ?

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hi i want to know that how to create webs site in core java .

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You can build your website based on netbeans IDE 6.0 and Java programming by adding to your JavaServer Pages (JSP), and creating latests features or programs that may be added to your site.

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Java also have CMS like dotCMS

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First off, if you're not yet very comfortable with Java, I would suggest picking up a good Java book (like Thinking in Java - the 3rd Edition is free online, and is a good place to start!) - IMHO it's better to use a proper (and up to date) book to get started, then just Googled tutorials and learning from them.

Secondly, if you are already comfortable with Java, you should look into Servlets and how they run. You need to set up a server (usually on your localhost) and run your Java web application on that server for learning and testing purposes. One such server is Tomcat, and it's very easy to get started with it (assuming you're on Windows) by installing the XAMPP bundle. Later, if you're still interesting, it's rather important that you start using a web application framework such as the well-known Spring - it lightens the overall workload tremendously.

Later you can use a service such as Google App Engine to publish your website and make it available on the internet.

Just remember to take it one step at a time! If you rush into too many things at once (like, for instance, attempting this project with shaky knowledge of both Java and HTML) things can get really confusing, really fast. Trust me, it's happened to me plenty of times!

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The most fundamental technologies are JSPs and Servlets. But, you'll need a web server to compile them into HTML. Tomcat is a very popular web server. You want to learn more about Web Frameworks. I recommend Stripes

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You can start from any point.

First of all, you need to decide what kind of website you want to build and then proceed further.

If it is going to be static, HTML and Javascript will suffice your need and if you need some business application kind then business logic should be implemented using java and j2ee.

So, first, build the famous Hello World website and then start adding simple components step by step like reading data from the database and display it on a webpage, adding the login to your website and keep adding different functionalities.

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