Developing 1st time website using HTML, PHP, JAVA, CSS...

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First time but in a PROFESSIONAL WAY. Teach us step by step what to study.
This section useful because beginners want to develop a good web site, but they don't know the right steps to take...

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I am trying to develop web site. And now try to make web site using programing languages/such as HTML, PHP, Java, CSS../. But i don't know from where to start. Please advice me.
I have some experience with some programing languages and other programs. I have design a simple website using joomla 1.5. I ll appreciate all of your help.

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PHP is an extremely versatile language which enables you to create high end, stable Web sites with plenty of bells and whictles. PHP is popular because it can be embedded directly into HTML coding.

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To design or develop a website you should start with the design part, if you are using template then the editings in template is the design part we say. It is generally done in HTML and CSS using an editor then write logical development code in the language you want.

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