Converting HTML with form to whole image

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I have a question... I am aware that if you print a web page containing tables with background colors, the background colors won't be printed unless the user sets it. Now I have an idea, why don't I take the webpage, find a way to somehow convert it to an image (jpg, gif, png, or any image format) then print the image instead. That way, whatever the option the user sets it still prints as colored on the paper. If you're wondering why I want to force the users to print it colored, it's because the users will be around their 70s or 60s and those who merely or just used the computer. I wouldn't want to bother them with settings and stuff. What they want is straight-forward print. They'll be filling up a form then that form will get printed and they'd be able to fax it to a receiving office.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Tidbit: This is actually my first post here on TWF... I see that I can gain a lot of knowledge here and I look forward to getting help on my other web problems... Smiling

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So if it's just a form, they why does it matter if the background colours show? If these users have printers, I'm sure they have printed web pages before and notice that they don't turn out the same as the on-screen display. It would be a better idea to use a print stylesheet so that the printed output looks nice and is easy to read.

Sorry, I'm a bit confused about what you're dong here. Why not just process the form online rather than making them print and fax it?

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