Commenting On Pictures .

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Hey everyone,

i am working on a site that should show Pictures, and takes comments on each picture.

Now how do i make this happen ? i cant even get it started because low skilled Sad , so please help me out ....

Thanks in advance

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start reading tutorials over the i-net

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Seems no-one answered this yet, sorry.

It's possible using a CMS like Drupal and the CCK and Imagefield modules.

I personally prefer using Drupal for most things, however I'm sure there are plenty of other CMSs out there capable of doing this.

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For me, I tend to use a nifty bit of software called ZenPhoto. Once installed, all you have to do is upload the photos - ZenPhoto manages the comments side of things!

It's possible to do it by scratch, but would require at least a basic understanding of a scripting language and database design.


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I really like Zenphoto too. Great for a nice clean image gallery without a lot of extra cruft. I think I might have heard about if from you, Andy!

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If you are using mySQL for handling images, just make another column named 'comments' and add a form field for accepting comments, and use your script to submit comments to that database.

If you find it hard, i can do it for you for price.

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