Any suggestions will be appreciated

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Hello, I just built a website as an assignment of an E-commerce class.
I need to improve it : ) So, any suggestion will be appreciated


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First, let me ask, this website you built for an assignment and looking for improvement, what exactly did you build of it? what aspects are you looking to improve? Your post is in the "Programming and Application area", however in looking at the site, it clearly shows you are using a existing script for handling the e-commerce.

So just wanted to know what aspects the class was teaching you, to better give you advice in the direction of that. I could give my advice on every aspect of the page, how it functions, etc, but if that is part of the script you are using that you are not "controlling", then no need.

Not trying to be a smart alec, but seeing this posted in a section for programming and developing, my first tip for improvement would be get rid of the canned ecom and build it from the ground up, so you have the most control.


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Hi Greg,
First of all, thanks for your comments. This website is an assignment of my e-commerce curse. Our professor is trying to give us some ideas to build a website to sell products online, and teaching us some marketing skills, for example, put the website on Internets to get some feedbacks improving the website.

You are right. I'm using an exisitng scriple to build the site. The main puepose of the improvement is not the coding, controlling and technical skills, but marketing. I need some advices and suggestions to make the site works functional well and economical making money (can really help people sell products, used handbags for example, online.


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In that case, please post in our Website Critique Area instead. You are required to review at least 3 other sites first.

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