Angular JS not playing right

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Hi, I have been tasked with helping make an ecommerce site more search engine friendly. The site runs on Angular JS.

My experience is strictly in SEO....very weak when it comes to coding.

The issue we're seeing is that Google is picking up and indexing URLs with appended characters.


The URL should stop after the "/x745".

We're also seeing the following appear in the descriptions when I Google a random URL (product page) from the site:

Cart ({{headerObject.Cart.ItemCount}} 0 ) · My Account.

I am not experienced with performing SEO for Angular JS, and neither are the coders who work with me. I was wondering if someone could tell me how or why Google is not obeying the _escaped_fragment_= that we have so that it will be able to view the pages as intended (with proper descriptions/etc).

I have Googled a few fixes and the coders are telling me that they have implemented them.

Thanks if you can shed any light on this technical challenge.

- Tony