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Use this space to talk about frameworks.

What are you working with these days? Are you trying anything new or sticking with the same old? What do you like/dislike about the frameworks you're working with? What are you interested in trying?

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My own Laughing out loud

I started to write a basic one, for my own personal blogs and websites. Adding new functionality as modules/libraries as I go, so they are entirely separate modules.

This allows me to use the core framework anywhere, and drop in any additional functionality I need.

Moving on to making it more database driven instead of just flat file. Storage is DB, but some options and configs would be better in files, as will a more substantial blog setup (files just don't cut it).
The router is something I need to work on too, it's embarrassing to look at as it's still the quick thrown together one I made at first.

Have dabbled very loosely with Zend, Symfony2 and couple of others, when I needed some quick inspiration as to how others tackle a problem.
But have intentionally not looked at too much of their source as they all have problems I did not want to introduce in mine.
Plus, they're entirely different beasts to mine altogether.

If you are considering making your own, and you are not sure, then you are likely not ready for doing it for commercial reasons and don't expect it to be done in a few weeks (if you did you would know what it would entail).

However, I advise very strongly to do it as a learning curve.
I've learned so much in the last 6 months - SPL auto loader, some design patterns like Dependency Injection etc, coding standards, better practice with MVC separation. Even things like writing code with consideration for unit testing, and refactoring techniques.

It's been worth the journey.

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I do similar, work off of a codebase I have been building up for over 10 years now. This past year, I finally have in and started redoing more of it OOP.

I gave a look at many over the years. Code Igniter was big among some people I knew for a while, but then from what I hear it has fallen to wayside in terms of keeping up with what is available with PHP (could be wrong, not trying to get into that debate).

Laravel when I had time seemed like a nice one, but v4 had just came out at the time, and there was really no good "learning from scratch" for it at the time, more of just "if you are used to v3..." ones, and heard from several people that there was enough of a difference between 3 and 4, it is best to go straight to 4, so i didn't want to spend the time using the "learn from scratch" ones for 3... Later on I had time to learn again, and guess what, v5 had just come out, and same damn thing lol.

I've never gotten my heard around ones that require CLI installers. I like having all the code on my system and then rsync it over when done. I get the benefits of it, just haven't gotten myself there yet (kinda like the long delay to get to OOP)

I think the big thing is how well you build it. I just a few months ago had to go do some updates to a huge web app I wrote back in 2003. I was quite impresses with how well I wrote back then, using MVC type structures before I ever knew what MVC was, keeping everything separated and modularized. Was easy to adapt it over have Wordpress power the front end and subscription purchases and tie back-end logins to it. Other who have worked on it over the years have been able to cleanly modify it due to that, not much "hack code" at all.

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