What should I choose for my new registrar?

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I have all my domain names at Godaddy.
I plant to move from them.
I want some suggestions. The smallest price is the winner.

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Well, since "Smallest price is the winner", I won't bother listing my choice, as they are not the cheapest, but instead have features and almost two decades of trust to make the little extra worth the price to me.

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I ended up using namecheap.com and name.com.

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My site Savoiretcroire.ca is hosted at Register4Less.com.

I have grown with them since 2013.

My site was first an html site, then it became a WordPress site, to which I later added a phpBB forum.

When I have a problem, they respond well and quickly.

I am very satisfied.

Daniel Garneau

Daniel Garneau

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I would say if a hosting company can avoid any down time, that will be best option. I selected my web company by reading some of their online reviews. I agree and few companies are doing fake positive reviews but still we can trust that 50-60% reviews will be genuine.

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Namecheap, Name.com, Dynadot, Namesilo.

Godaddy stopped the renewal discount codes.

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Firstly transferring to a cheaper domain name provider will make your domains less secure and exposed to unauthorised domain name transfer or 'domain name theft'. I would suggest you to go for Namecheap if you really want to move on from Godaddy. However do not forget to buy the private registration addon for your most valuable domain. This will cost you few more bucks but then it will save you from loosing your domain to scamsters.

Cammy White, Webmaster

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