What makes a good domain name?

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What makes a good domain name?

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Is short
Is relevant
Is memorable

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A good domain name should:

1. Reflect your branding. This is critical and often gets ignored.
2. Be short (but not too short - What is c.com?)
3. Memorable (i.e. a word or company name)
4. Have a common TLD as uncommon TLDs violate #3
5. A keyword or noun doesn't hurt if your branding isn't important.

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A good domain name must have a key. And preferably shorter.

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Targeted keyword as part of domain name is pretty important, but not too important. It should be relatively short, memorable, marketable etc.

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IT really depends on the business. If it is a business money website, as simple as possible and represents your business;

If it is for SEO link purposes, you need more keywords. Long keyword or short keywords.

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It's memorable, unique and without extras such as dashes.

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