Webhost company hijacked my website

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I started to develop a web site with a free web hosting and suddenly without a warning they suspended my account and moved all my files and database from my root directory. Their reasons was that my website was in high usage of CPU. They are asking to upgrade to a paid premium account to recover my files.

I am pretty sure that I do not violate the TOS because I am the only person accesing the pages creating them for a couple of weeks. I found in their forum other people with the same problem without violating the TOS. Looks like they randomly suspends free accounts without warnings and the only way to recover the website is paying for a premium account.

Can a webhosting company hijack (suspends) my website and ask a ramsom (upgrade to paid premium account) to recover my files and data?

I was looking for laws in this matter in Google with no luck. I am in USA. If someone knows where to find legal information about this issue, please let know.

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Where is the hosting company located? If they're not in the US there's probably nothing you can do about it. If they are, you could consider consulting a lawyer to see if there is anything they can do, maybe as a class action with some of the other users who have been affected by this.

This is a lesson learned: always keep local backups of your files! Also, it's probably worth paying a few dollars for a reputable hosting company. The free ones are usually going to have to resort to dirty tricks to get people to pay.

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Yes, free hosting companies have some catch like a 14 day trial period and you will pay after that trial period, some will automatically credit your money from your card you just entered.. haha same as some other products like pills and serum. So guys, be just vigilant

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There are lots of fake companies that provide free web hosting and once you get their hosting service they ask for upgrade it and asking for money. Before choosing any company for hosting service you need to check all details about it. Like how many clients they have, their review, plan and location.


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