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Can anybody explain to me what static content hosting means? provides it but I don't know what it used for.
Thanks in advance.

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Many web sites are now "dynamic" - meaning they use server-side scripting (PHP, ASP etc) to process the page, typically involving calls to a database as well.

But this takes time, and to improve performance you can select the pages that will always appear the same (contact, about us) and serve them directly.

This is the "static content"

This is typically a strategy used on high-traffic sites - many static content strategies actually use separate servers for static and dynamic content, to improve performance.

Along with caching, these strategies can dramatically improve page loads for high-traffic sites.

I recently met with a couple of developers who create Drupal sites that can handle a peak of over 1,000,000 page views a minute (really impressive) using a combination of these strategies.

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IF your site does not change dynamically, like forum does - get this package. This is called static content.

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As I see provides it at low price plus free setup, unlimited e-mails & mailboxes and 2 FTP accounts.
Nice start IMHO.

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If you need it for static web sites, offers nice plans for that.
Think you may try them, they seem a reliable company.

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In any way offers that plan cheaply and their staff works good and think you'll lose nothing using them if you don't want to pay extra money for the resources that you don't need.

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But you know it's difficult to calculate the amount of bandwidth and space you need for your web site. What to do with that?
Although has not bad offers.

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