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Hi all,
I agree that having a website needs to have a hosting, it could be free or paid hosting. Also, there are lots (I mean LOTS) of hosting companies worldwide and you just have to google them and check their service.

Can you recommend some good web hosting reviews? In my case, I find some reviews really helpful, in fact it helps me to decide on which host is more compatible for me.

thanks to those who will reply! Smiling

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You said that you find some reviews helpful why not share with us? lol

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Joined: Aug 2009 is not connected to any hosting company and rates companies solely in accordance with direct customer feedback. Hostgator (4.87 out of 5 for customer service and 4.97 for reliability) and Arvixe (4.84 and 4.90) are rated 1 and 2, thelogical_solution is rated last (1 out of 5 for customer service and 1 for reliability) .

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Hi there, you can check out for web hosting reviews on Google.. There are thousands of companies that give the best hosting services with quality. I find reviews of web hosts from Google.. Also, there are many websites they show reviews for webhosts. you can check out them.. Eg.. alexa site..

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