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What do you think which plan is better to start a shell account - single, dual or triple from They provides all of them but I don't know which one to choose?
Do you have any ideas what to begin with?
Any personal experience?

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I think you'd have to give a us a little more detail on what you plan on doing with the account.

That is like me asking "There are three houses for sale, which one should I buy" without telling you how many people will be living there, do I need a garage, do I have kids that would be going to the local school system, etc.

The more you tell us, the more we can help you decide.


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O'k, I need a shell account for automated remote monitoring and management of servers.

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I'd like to point out that you can get shell access almost in any company, but it depends on the honesty, reliability and behavior of the customer. I suggest you not to be in a hurry and compare your company with another ones, for example,, and And then, after comparison, choose the host that suits your needs.

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Overall provides shell accounts on good conditions, they are ran on a completely separate server from their regular web hosting, ensuring the utmost safety and stability for both. Prices are low comparing to the offers of the other companies.

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