Problems with Hostpapa

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Has anyone else any experience of trying to move a site from Hostpapa?

With most hosting companies you can simply change the DNS records yourself and it's done in minutes, but Hostpapa don't allow you to. With Hostpapa you have to ask their service department to do it for you.

I asked Hostpapa to change the DNS record to another hoster, then unlock the site and tell me the authorization/EPP key. They simply ignore the request.

I've even been on their online 'chat' and when I asked them to change the DNS records they hung up on me.

The TUCOWS protocol says that owners should be able to change hosting companies 'easily and quickly' so I've reported Hostpapa to TUCOWS as not complying with their protocol. Unfortunately it takes TUCOWS a long time to investigate complaints and Hostpapa don't appear to care.

They just ignore requests to chang DNS records or to send a transfer authorization/EPP key.

Has anyone else tried to move from Hostpapa and did they get the same very poor service from Hostpapa that I have had. My experience is that Hostpapa make it as difficult as possible to change hosting companies. I certainly feel as though I'm being held hostage!

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If I were you, I'll move to others. I also suggest that you manage your domain using Namecheap or Godaddy. Don't use the hosting provider for your domain.

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I use Hostpapa and have never had any problems with them. I did once enquire about moving my primary domain and they were not much help to be honest. they are great for people who want cheap, restriction free websites, but their customer service is a little poor.

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Have now moved all my sites, but only after TUCOWS contacted them and asked for a full record of all my service contact with them. They then acted straight away and I also got a phone call from one of their managers who apologized. It shouldn't have taken TUCOWS to get involved before they got their act together though.

I moved all my Hostpapa sites to a new hosting company and they are all noticeably much, much faster.

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