Prefered web hosting

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Which web hosting you preferred?

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I prefer to use hostingraja web host company that India's number one web hosting company. Its provide good quality of hosting service and different hosting plans with cheap price that easily fit in your budget. Its provide unlimited bandwidth, unlimited data storage space, 24x7 hours customer support.

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This is like asking "What car is best?" without giving you some guidelines of what I need. Is it for me, or a family of 6? What do I want to do with the car? Where will it be used? To many variables.

To me, the best hosting company is my own company, both in terms for my sites (I don't pay hosting fees and have full control over setup) and for your site (you'd be paying me money)

Please give some more specifics, what geographical region are you preferring? DO you have a preference in server platform (Linux/Apache/mySQL/Php vs Widnows/IIS/MS-SQL/.Net etc) what will the site be for? (A hobby site vs business critical portals) DO you have a price range (wanting free hosting with ads (I threw up a bit typing that) vs actually paying a good rate for good reliability and support) ? Any special needs (ecom site that needs PCI compliance)?

Help guide us to give you suggestions.


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Well before signing up with one check for these things,
Reputed Companies,
Mention all your requirements before,
check with their plans and services
Their support team.

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Well, Reliable and trustworthy companies i do prefer most.. Perhaps, i look these few things required in a web host
1. 24*7 Excellent, Quick Support.
2. 99.9% Server Uptime
3. Good Features
4. Reasonable Price.

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This thread is now closed as it has been on a month since OP was asked to provide more information to define what they are looking for.

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