Need Assistance! (SSL certificates)

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Hi all,
I have a small e-Commerce website and I want to buy a SSL certificate for it, I have gathered some information about it but bit confused between some of the products.
1) Verisign
2) Geotrust
3) thwate.

please help me out find out best suitable option for me.

thanks in advance.

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Hi There;

Short Answer:
No one certificate authority is going to make your certificate any more or less secure. The only purpose to get a certificate signed by a third party is so that the user's browser doesn't pop up a nasty message to your users saying "This guy is using a certificate that probably shouldn't be trusted!". And for that, pick the lowest cost service that is trusted by default by all major browsers and browser versions, and who's output is supported by your webserver...

Long Answer:
Having your certificate signed by a recongnised certificate authority does not make your site any more, or less secure than simply signing it yourself. This is because you (hopefully) trust yourself. But do people you don't know trust you?

The purpose of these third party certificate authorities is to confirm your identity, and in some of the cases listed above, confirm your business is legitimate. By confirming your identity and/or your business, it gives your potential clients piece of mind that someone they trust has taken a look at you, and believe you to be who you say you are.

The more expensive certificate authorities typically do more manual work (which is always more accurate, right?!) to do this confirmation than the cheaper ones.


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In case your host offers SSL certificate, go for it, they will handle installation and will handle any issues arising.

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for your e-commerce site rapidssl certificate is the best option and it is cheap also generally most of the ssl certificate provider provides rapidssl certificate generally the price is near to 15 to 20 $ as per the provider.

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Since the site is business based, the idea of getting a certificate issued will be good for the site's impression. Now it is not going to get you some extra security though, but for business, reputation is an important factor, and if you choose to get a certificate do that only for that reputation, and do not expect anything else.

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