Moving MySQL from root to main hard drive: Does it affect speed?

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I had an issue with /dev/root being full so I decided to move the MySQL from /dev/root to the main hard drive.

The problem is that initially moving the mysql created some issues in the database, so I decided to restore yesterday's mysql which was Ok. Now, my site goes slower.

Note: For 2 months now I have moved to a new server, the speed was awesome, and suddently all of my colleagues have noticed a 20% speed decrease. So Iam just wondering, is it because we have moved the mysql to the main hard drive instead of /dev/root ? Does this really affect speed? Iam just thinking that it's not possible for the speed to change from one day to the other since the site was working fine and fast.

Thank you.

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Mysql response time depends on many factors but first could you be more precise with your explanations ? what's the "main hard drive" have you moved the database from one hard drive to another and if yes does the two drives have the same performances ?

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no it will not affect speed. I had the same issue on one of our servers, used for shared hosting and the databases were some of them very large, we had to move all the databases to /home/mysql and there was no speed difference at all.

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