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Is there anyone used kvchosting.com? How good are they?
Interested in their SSD VPS.

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I didn't use their service. But heard in another place that they are good. Currently I am using Fatcow. Previously I used iPage hosting service. But I like Fatcow than iPage as I face little downtime with them.

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Don't use FatCow, iPage - they are the part of EIG Group. No real support and no quality hosting service.

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I'm not familiar with them. If you want to get a better web hosting provider, read carefully the reviews and feedbacks from their customers and check always their BBB rating.

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check always their BBB rating

I put little faith in BBB listings.... Hell, I have an A+ rating with them. You should know way more than that before choosing me.

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They are not EIG based as far as I know so you can be patient. I have to say that Hostgaror is EIG based one unfortunately. My another host hostingsource is non EIG and I moved all sites from Hostgator.

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