I need your feedbacks about webintellects!!!

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The reason is that I want to get clear picture of webintellects.com because I am going to sign up with this company. I need to buy VPS hosting and got to know that it offers really cheap VPS. I need Linux based platform web hosting, about 10GB space, 100GB transfer, 128 RAM will be more than enough for me.
So can I trust this company? Any experience with it? What do you think about the prices?

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Are you going to sign up with them?

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To tummy. I think he is going to deal with webintellects.com as he is asking for sharing experience with him.
To OP. It turned out that webintellects.com was launched into web hosting services market in 1999, that's to consider its stable work. Also I have found out that it offers all services needed for online. To my mind, price for their VPS is really cheap and I think that you can deal with it.

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I can absolutely agree with the above written post that you can rely on webintellects.com. They provide a very affordable offsite backup service that can be used for not only servers but also PCs, Mac, linux, Windows, Solaris, etc. Moreover, they offer 100% network uptime.

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Not sure about namly this company, but webhostgiant.com - their subdivision for reseller and shared deals, is really good and cheap. I suppose this company should also be reliable...

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As for webintellects.com, I should say this company is reliable one and their offers are attractive I think, taking into consideration many useful features that are included into their VPS plans! Good choice I think.

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This company seems reliable for me, do they provide any specials?

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Thanks guys, I decided to deal with webintellects.com and think that their VPS plan will meet all my needs. Besides, it guarantees 30-day money back, so I think that I will lose nothing. Thanks again.

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Money back guarantee is a good thing indeed.
Webintellects.com VPS deals are low cost, Linux for $19 per month and Windows for $35 per month.
Nice offers indeed.

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