how to install the Wordpress blog in different website with single hosting ?

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i have an hosting account in Godaddy . with this Primary domain.

and i have hosted some more domain over here just assume with this one .
but issue is that when i install directly wordpress in this website folder with the name of blog.
it showing this URL

where this is [B]client10no1seo[/B] folder name of this website


if you unable to seen this issue just open my blog (click here )
and clieck over the website logo ( SYNCHRONOUS ) you have seen the issue (The page you requested could not be found.
) with this URL :

please suggest me how to install the blog on this website .

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If you got few domains on one hosting You simply name (it should be done by them automatically when u get a new domain) a folder with domain name and put wordpress out there. I havent got that problem because it was always done automatically

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