how do I get myql onto my hosting space

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I am very new to this so I apologise if this is a naive/stupid question.

I have opened a hosting account with 1and1 with a view of practicing using wordpress to make little sites.

Trouble is I orderded the beginners (cheapest) package and it doesn't come with mysql which I apparently need to make a site with wordpress.

I have tried upgrading my account but apparently I can't do this for another month (why!) so I am stuck.

How do I upgrade or how do I add mysql to my hosting account or how do I get around this?

Thanks for your time, Richard

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While I apologize I don't have the exact plan for how to do this, you could always set up a quick, free hosting plan that comes with a MySQL database or try one of the free MySQL database hosting websites (like and connect to it remotely until you are able to set up a database on your server. This isn't the ideal setup, of course, but if you would like to get going immediately I think it's your only option. Wink


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Yea that's a good idea. I just want to have have a bash at the moment so if I can make my mistakes on that and then do it properly next month on my domain. Cheers!

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Or you could download and install LAMP, which is a Linux Apache MYSQL PHP package and installer all in one.

It is available for all major operating systems, and although wont help you with your hosting issue, it will get you going.
It isn't a bad thing to start getting used to anyway, as you can use it to develop offline which can be useful from time to time.

The other good thing about it is you don't use bandwidth uploading files to the server all the time when you are only developing a site.

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The cheapest hosting may not contain php and mysql, at least this is the practice with the majority of companies I know.
The way out is upgrade to the next plan.

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