How to choose a web hosting company?

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Hi everyone,
I'm new here.i come here to learn more about web hosting.I'm going to bulit a blog website,then the question comes up,how to choose a web hosting company? I don't have too much budget,I really need your help,thank you very much!

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Well, I would say avoid any hosting provider that has people in the organization coming to this forum to ask your exact question. I mean if you can't find out this type of information from your own company.... I wouldn't trust them to host my site.

Or do you just plan on spamming here later, and this is just a lazy leadup question so you can later answer with you found a great service... your own...

Interesting how when I look up your account and google your e-mail address, threads on other forums ADVERTISING your hosting posted today are coming up...

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Verify their reviews and feedbacks from their past customers and seach for their BBB rating. Aside from that, check their server uptime performance and if they provide money back guarantee. Check also if they have responsive customer support.

Identify which service you want to use either shared, dedicated server, vps, or perhaps cloud hosting.

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