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This is my tenth year with Hostway of Chicago who initially were fantastic but today have turned into a nighmare hosting company. They really don´t seem to know their ass from their elbows and my web site has now been down for two weeks at least, with no evidence of anything at all being done to remedy the situation. I get nothing but excuses from them and promises that the second level support are looking at the situation. Frankly, I have given up believing anything they say. Clearly they have lost it and if you have hosting with this company and you don´t have problems then now might be a good time to go elsewhere before you too join the ever increasing list of unhappy clients.

I don´t mind Hostway lying to me but what gets up my nose is the fact that they think I believe them.


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Hi, I have been their satisfied client in UK but no more. The sites are down on regular bases and the support is terrible - stay away.

I have lost business due to their negligence.

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I also was happy for several years in the UK. But for a week now I have been unable to FTP to or from my site, while they do some new set up. And I need to update it soon. I could understand a few hours difficulty, but anything longer and I would expect them to restore their old version. I think I will have to change hosts...

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I always struggled with inconsistencies in their service. I moved to a cheaper service and had better luck.

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