Have you heard or dealt with hostcats?

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Not long ago I came across hostcats.com and they seemed to offer nice and attractive hosting solutions at competitive price. I wonder have you ever heard about it? Does it has any discounts on its services?

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Never heard of hostcats.com

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I'd like to share my personal experience with hostcats.com. Frankly speaking, I have a good run with this company as my websites are constantly online and during 3 months period with this company I have never had any downtime of my sites. Contact its support and highly trained experts will assist you in making the right choice.

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I would also like to share my experience wit hostcats.com. I signed up for their VPS plan but was very disappointed with their service. First, they incorrectly set the nameservers of the VPS and their technicians could not understand how to fix this. Not a good start.... They, i asked them to migrate my data from another company to their company(this is part of package). They also could not do this and after repeated emails, this was done. The settings on the VPS were incorrect so most sites didn't work. No help from customer support. So, I thought if so many problems now, how will these people solve problems on the VPS later on? Most my customers were losing their patience so had no choice but to ask for refund after 4 days.

At the time of signing up to VPS plan at hostcats.com, they promised me a 100 day refund guarantee. Even on their website, it is stated

A “NO HASSLES” 100 day Guarantee.
If you are AT ALL unsatisfied in the first 100 days with us, we will refund 100 percent of your money. No questions asked!.

After sending an email for a refund, they said that 100 day guarantee does not apply to VPS plans. They even cancelled my account when I asked for a refund. Luckily, I did not cancel my VPS hosting account with the previous company. So, simply changed the private nameservers, and I was thankfully back in business...

Overall, a lesson learnt...that always go with a hosting company that has trained technical staff who can solve problems quickly and know the ins and outs of a VPS.

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Most hosts typically don't provide refunds for Virtual or Dedicated servers for the very reason these things can be taken advantage of. If there weren't so many spammers looking for free IPs / Servers, I'm sure web hosts would eventually come to terms with customers and start setting up money back guarantees for these types of services.

Plus, many kids wouldn't mind setting up a server for free just to run a game server. That's another possible exploit that hosts are afraid of. They'd end up losing money if they started doing this.

Here's a pricing example.

Dedicated server costs for 1 month - $100
Shared hosting costs for 1 year - $10

Dedicated server price for 1 month - $150
Shared hosting costs for 1 year - $100

So as you can see, if someone gets 1 customer for shared hosting and another for dedicated hosting, then the dedicated customer cancels their account and requests a refund, the host is at a negative because of their money back guarantee. Infrastructure is expensive.

Sorry if it's not a very good example, I'll be happy to re-explain it if anyone asks.

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Never heard of it. I'd really deal with hosting provider that I know.

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