FTP log-in problem, Different IP address

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Halo guys!
I have a problem regarding one of our site. I have finished reinstalling worpdress on our site. This was done a month ago. As I check it today, I noticed that I forgot to put a theme and new contents or posts. As I have found a theme for our site, it is time for it to upload, But as I try to log-in using the information found in our records,I wasn't able to connect through FTP. Im aure of it that i have gone FTP access on our site because it has a fresh new blog installed on it. What i don;t understand, why can't i log-in now?
I have done several inspections. One thing that I have noticed is that the IP address appeared on the web when viewed is different from the one registered on the Plesk Control Panel. Is this the cause why can't log-in through FTP?
Please help me regarding this topic. If there are still reasons why can't I log-in to FTP, please inform me.

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The simple way is to log into your web hosting control panel (plesk, cpanel etc) and check the FTP users and passwords that are listed.
Some don't actually show the passwords, so perhaps try changing the password for a FTP user and then change it in your FTP client to the new one.

Also check in your FTP client that all the other details are correct - host/url/ftp account, username, password, etc. All of these details are generally listed in your server control panel.

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