Drupal Hosting - Pantheon vs. Cloudways

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Hello Everyone,

I've been on the search for a Managed Drupal Hosting Provider (I'm not familiar with server settings etc). The most prominent ones seem to be Pantheon and Acquia. Both offer Drupal specific features, with Acquia being the more enterprise solution, hence very expensive. On the other hand, Pantheon seems to be geared towards agencies, making them an expensive solution as well. Being an individual like myself, both of these aren't ideal.

So while looking for a cheaper managed hosting provider I came across Cloudways. Their pricing seems to be quite good and the reviews they have got are generally quite good as well. The UI seems quite attractive as well.

So my question is whether anyone here as tried Cloudways before and what their opinions of it are?

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I find it a bit suspicious that your first post here is to ask about a hosting provider I've never heard of. But maybe I'm cynical after deleting these types of posts for years Smiling

But I'll assume this is a legit question and go with it for now. I don't have experience with Cloudways. We are working on launching a new site on platform.sh, which is quite good and not as expensive as some of the others. They are also optimized for Drupal performance and employ a lot of well known Drupal developers.

On the other had, their GUI is not very intuitive and doesn't have the nice tools that Panthon and Aquia do. Even our seasoned developer had trouble figuring out how to set up Apache Solr on there. Their help is really written for developers.

So, if you don't have that level of technical skills then going with something like Pantheon would probably be a better choice if it's in the budget. Not sure what Cloudways provides e.g. for manging dev/test/production sites and deployments etc.

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