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Hi I bought my domain name about a year ago to use on my home web server, but the company I bought it from only support forwarding of the name to another hostname or ip address, so basically when i type in my domain name then when my homepage loads my ip address is shown in the url bar instead of the hostname, can someone point me in the right direction for changing this. could this also be the reason why i am having trouble getting ssl to work. I am self signing my certificate (just for testing at the moment) and whenever I browse to my site I get certificate errors one of which is that the certificate isn't for my site, it doesn't seem to matter what i put as my common name whether i put my domain name, public ip address, private ip address, server hostname I still get the same error. Although this could be a setup error with apache i guess


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If this is true, I'd recommend using a different DNS service.

You should be able to change the authoritative domain name servers (DNS) assigned to your domain name rather than using the ones supplied by the company you registered with.

There are many 'dynamic DNS' services that would work well with a home IP address. comes to mind, though it is not free. I haven't used a free DNS service in some time - perhaps someone else on the forum could recommend one.

When you choose one, the service will give you instructions on how to set up your domain in order to use their DNS service.


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