Domain Name Forwarding Problems

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I recently switched webhosts and got a new domain name, but I want to use my old domain for something else. I transferred it over more than a week ago, and it still doesn't go to my new site (actually, I want it to go to a subdomain of my new site, but I can't set that up, either). Anyone know what I'm doing wrong?



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Did you change the old domain's nameservers to the new host's nameservers?

jamespalmer wrote:
actually, I want it to go to a subdomain of my new site, but I can't set that up, either
Not 100% sure what you are trying to do there..

If you want the old domain to be redirected to a subdomain on the new domain, then you obviously need to create a sub-domain on the new domain and then a redirect on the old domain to send traffic to the sub-domain.

Unless you simply mean you can't add it to the new hosting account. In which case (cpanel) you need to make it an "Add-on Domain" if the hosting provider doesn't allow multiple domains on your account (it's likely they don't)

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I'll list some reasons - but you may have already done these:

1- You may still need to change the DNS records to point to their servers
2- Sometimes it takes 7-14 days to physically transfer the domain over
3- You may have not replied to a verification e-mail
4- The domain may have been under 14 days of expiring, or just re-newed, when you began the transfer process

-But then again, you may have already gotten all of this straightened out by now, but I thought I'd just make a post, just in case

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