Dependable service provider for domain name registration

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Hi All,
I want to launch my business website for which I am looking for such a service provider who offers both domain name and hosting services at an affordable price. My friend using domain name and hosting services from BigRock (LINK REMOVED) gave me positive feedback. If anyone knows better hosting service provider, kindly suggest me.

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Well, lets see, you guest post on other sites where there you are listed as "She likes to stay updated about the current tech news related to Web Hosting and Domain Registration"

And on there post links to BigRock as well as affiliate links to iPage.

Then there is your Google+ page where you are posting all over it for people to use BigRock.

So, lets see, you suddenly had amnesia and forgot about those... or you are just here to spam a link to hosting services you are trying to push making it sound like you are asking an innocent question...


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