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What is the cost of domain actually? Where can we register it?
I have seen that rates differ from provider to provider. Why is it happening

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Website Domains cost vary based on what they charge, the only thing that is the same is the ICANN fee.
Why it is happening is based on what the Registrar decides charge, and all of their fees. In essence the registrars can all capture the domain for and then their fees on top of it. For keeping your domain, and offering you all of the services that they have to offer in their members area.
If you are looking for suggestions for Domain Registrars, I would suggest GoDaddy, I know some people would say bad things against them, but I have been with them for 7 years, and have never had any issues with them.
And depending on what you are wanting after the dot it is very cost efficient.
I know most people have different opinions of whom they would suggest, but this is my number one choice

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Priceof domain dpends on registar. GoDaddy, Enom, Directnic, Directy are the biggest. They sell domain names wholesale and retail. Price by rtail is higher then price by wholesale.
.com costs
Wholesale $5
Retail $12
All that companies has a lot of resellers
So reseller buy domains for $5 and sell for $7 for example with $2 profit by domain.
Better to buy domains from resellers.

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I also think all depends on the registar itself. For example, you may reg a domain in .com for $8.95 per year from I think it's not expensive for this extension at all.

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Has anyone found anything that NetworkSolutions provides that justifies them still remaining one of the higher costing registers? Yeah they offer all kinds of extra services, but all for additional fees?

Myself, I use PairNIC because I have been using Pair Networks for my hosting for over 10 years now and like keeping them all in the same company.


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Much depends on the domain name extension IMO. For example, offers domain registration starting at $10.

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knorr;220807 wrote: Much depends on the domain name extension IMO. For example, offers domain registration starting at $10.

Does provide domain name registration in .com extension for $10?

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As stated many times: it depends on where you go. Most Web Hosting companies have domain prices between the $10 and $15 dollar range. But you can find cheaper registration fees with companies that excell in domain registration. So you could go with a cheaper domain, then point it to a different company for your hosting like most people do.

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I have known this one guy registered my domain .com for just 5.5$ for a year.

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Domain cost varies due to the ICANN fee and also it varies according to the security, there are many sites available who are giving domain names for the cost of $ 1 to 2 even for .com domains where as other are charging it $ 10 to $ 20 because they are giving domain security,protection etc.... that's why some are charging less and some are charging high but i will suggest you to not to go for godaddy because its not a trusted site many people complaining that its deducting money from your paypal without your notice.

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My favorite is GoDaddy. They are pretty cheap especially if you join their discount domain name club.

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