Control over DNS records for self-hosted web-site

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Hi all

Excuse if you have read this before, I recently posted it in a thread before I realised the thread was quite old, so I thought I might be better starting a new thread instead.

I recently finished building a web server, that now hosts a site for the family firm, which has been interesting for me because I wanted to go through the whole process of setting up the server, aswell as developing the web application - all the web traffic gets redirected from the ISP down our broadband line. There's plenty of overhead still available on the server, so I was thinking I would like to set up my own personal site with its own URL, on the same machine. I was wondering how common it is to register a domain name with a registrar, and for them to give you control of a DNS record on their name server. I only have one external IP address, but I believe I could set up the server to use host headers to differentiate the web requests. If I have a control over the DNS record, presumably I could direct all traffic for the new URL to the existing external IP address.

I'm based in the UK. Does anybody have any recommendations of a name registrar that would allow me to configure a DNS record in this way, or is this just the normal process that I should expect from a reputable registrar? Also, is there any great advantage to using a registration service based in 'rip-off Britain', given that the costs in the US seem to be cheaper?

If anybody can recommend a good way forward, I would be enormously grateful!

Thanks very much!


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I cannot recommend a registrar that also allows you to manage the URL's DNS records - I've never used such a service.

I did want to speak a bit against this though - sometimes these registrars 'help you out' in your DNS management by resolving non set up subdomains to their own advertising traps. It depends on the person to decide if this is acceptable or not...

I've had good luck using


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Most registrars give you some DNS control. I have used Namecheap's DNS for a few sites, and it works ok. For my important sites, I use

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