Can not connect to VPS using SFTP or ssh

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I have centos linux VPS hosting. I try to connect my server through SFTP with winscp but I get this error message:
I am also unable to use putty.
Was working fine earlier but probably blocked me due to repeated wrong password connection attempts.
I can login to solusvm cpanel. I can also start a console session in soluslabs panel.
I can also connect via CPanel WHM

server is online at the moment
using SSH on the standard port (22)
I also tried the command
Did not help.

I tried rebooting several times but it didn't solved the problem...

Any other ideas?

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what error are you getting? you sure the ssh port is 22? force a cpanel installation, it might solve the issue.

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Did you try using/making other SFTP accounts?

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Albertwu wrote:
Any other ideas?

Contact your provider's support and ask them...

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