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Hey all, I've found myself in a difficult position and need help desperately.

I had a website up and running that I've had hosted with ipower for a few years. I designed it all from scratch and the code was atrocious! I don't know how to fix it so I decided to start from scratch and design a whole new site.. I used Google Sites. I love the look of the new site!

The web address is
I didn't like that so I mapped it to (by changing the CNAME alias)

So now when someone visits they find me Smiling (new site)
BUT if they do they don't (doesn't allow naked domains)
And all the search results on google that point to a page from my old address (example it comes up as Page has been moved or removed.
If the www. is in front it will have the menu bar so they can still navigate my site .. but again if the www. is not there its just a page not found page and I'm afraid they are going to move on.

When I started all this I thought my old pages hosted on ipower (which I never removed) would still be there and that I could just set up redirects from the old pages to the new pages that are hosted with google..

I've contacted Ipower for help a number of times but they are ridiculously talented in talking around the issue and not helping at all.

I moved back home to my dad's alpaca farm and am doing all that I can to save it from bankruptcy.. this website is my main way of achieving my goal to save the farm.. without it we are all screwed so I appreciate any help I can get.

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If you pointed your domain to go to Google now instead of iPower, then you are going to have to work with Google to handle this. A lot of hosts are not going to be that helpful when you are leaving them, so if you are completely leaving iPower, I would image they will not care too much about the trouble you are having.

The problem with the difference between and just is that you cannot put a cname on the root of the domain. You can only do an A record that points to an IP. I would try changing the A record to (the IP for the google server your cname points to) I'm not sure if google will handle receiving that, but worth a try.

Then also, for all the pages that used to exist, I would see if Google has something to let you set up 301 redirects from the old url to a new url. This makes is so people following the links (and also the bots for search engines) be able to find the new information. For people this will reduce the risk of them just giving up. For search bots, it lets them know where the old page went so the new location gets all the link rep from the old page. Otherwise, they track it that page is gone, and then have to map out the new url as a "new page", starting over in it's ranking information on it.

Good luck on this!


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Thank-you Greg! I will look into the A record and 301 directs Smiling This has been a nightmare week so I appreciate the help.


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