Any good hosting for 25$/year?

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only have 25$ left to buy hosting. Is their any decent hosting for 25$ and can be bought for a 12 month term? I know of asmall orange but that's only 3GB.

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Can recommend you cheap hosting services from, their shared hosting is resourceful with many useful features that are important for running hosting bisiness smoothly.

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You could look in to hosting from Their basic hosting package starts at $15 per year. It all depends on what you are looking to do and how much traffic you expect as to what package you purchase.

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Asmallorgange is only 3GB but their service is amazing so if you defo need more than 3GB then look around - if you don't then I would recommend them.

Quality shared and reseller UK hosting

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I can put forward a suggestion to have a look at shared web hosting offers. I am sure that it will meet all your requirements and also serve your demands at reasonable price.

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Can recommend you hosting services from, and They all offer many resources in their package plans that are helpful in running web hosting business.
Their prices are low.

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I know some good ones, but they might not have so much space in side.
Look at Also I have heard that offers huge discounts for annual payments.

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Thanks for your input.
And now I think of using
They provide really low cost services and the amount of resources which they offer is amazing.

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You get what you pay for

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Joined: Feb 2009 is another site that has hosting in the price range you're looking for - just depending on the specs you need.

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why dont u buy a decent hosting and pay for 3 months with the same money?
I wouldn spend decent money for a decent web hosting because is very important to have your websites running all the time.

Eric Stan runs kennel cough, canine diabetes and cataracts in dogs websites.

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i tried 2gbhosting and have been disappointed with their speed. I'm afraid it's true that you get what you pay for. It's not just uptime, but also how fast or slow your images load. I just wish there was a way to try out a host before going with them. Sad

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If looking for Linux host its possible.. check on godaddy or dotster...

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Dear "trade-show-bill"
I am from
We have very good connectivity on all our servers.
Let me know more about the speed problem.
most of our servers are in canter and east America, and suitable for 90% of our buyers that comes from Europe American and other countries.

that means if you are from Japan or Singapore side, We can offer switch your hosting account to a server that is based in West America.

You can write me on support at with subject –Attn: Naveen Sharma


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I don't think you can find GOOD hosting at $25 per year. The cheapest package I get from a good company is $83.4 per year from

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You probably won't get very much for that kind of a price. I would recommend finding a company with personal support that is always available. That's priceless.

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