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I need to host adult content web site and looking for the company that will be good for that.
I think of two companies that might be good for my goals - and
Dedicated server I intend to buy.
Any comments?

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I have heard good things about these companies, but I had no first hand experience with them. As an alternative, I suggest you to have a look at because it offers good dedicated servers at not very expensive price and also allows to host adult content.

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Joined: Mar 2007 specializes in providing adult hosting services and I'd recommend to use them. Low cost services they offer.
I have seen that allows to host adult - legal adult web sites with them as well. Nice and reputable company they are.

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I can add that is US-based company which provide fast speed and offers attractive hosting plans at reasonable prices. Furthermore, I have heard that their support has unrivaled skills and will meet your expectations.

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I think you have the right hosting companies with exmasters or apthost. I don't think there are a lot of reputable hosting companies for that niche.

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As I see support FFMpeg on their servers and that's good for video materials which demands much CPS, disk spece and bandwidth.
As for they have narrow specialization in XXX hosting. Their VPS and dedis are dedicated for that.
Both offer low cost services./

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From the mentioned above companies, I have had a good run with They provide me with good services and I am happy with network and server uptime. One more important fact has to be mentioned that the price is really affordable.

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On netpond forum I have read many positive feedbacks of and, both companies are used for hosting adult content web sites with these companies. Their dedis are optimized for running video materials.
Can't say anything bad of them.

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Judging by these companies' offers, I think that both are affordable ones. Frankly speaking, I have had a good run with and advise you to deal with it because I have never had any downtime and everything is good.

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